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 Oxygen Concentrator Product  Introduction:

 Oxygen concentrator is mainly used in supply oxygen to improve the body's physiological and biochemical environment, promote the virtuous circle of the metabolic process to cure disease, relieve symptoms and promote rehabilitation and prevention of disease and improving health.Clinical practice has proved that oxygen therapeutics, with its unique treatment mechanism of acute and chronic ischemia oxygen deficiency symptoms in clinical departments and secondary disease caused by hypoxia, can effective treatment effect.Appropriate resuscitation, and improve microcirculation, alleviate as necessary to maintain alveolar gas oxygen partial pressure of the respiratory system load, reduce to maintain necessary such as cardiac load effect of arterial blood oxygen partial pressure.Therefore, in the aspects of clinical medicine, preventive medicine, first aid medicine, geriatric medicine, rehabilitation and health care medicine, oxygen therapy and oxygen care have an irreplaceable important role and broad development prospect.In the case of hypoxia or hypoxia, oxygen concentration can be increased by adding oxygen to oxygen, so as to improve the oxygen content of arterial blood and improve the oxygen condition of tissues, which is called oxygen therapy.In general, it is used to correct the pathologic hypoxia, as an adjuvant treatment of disease, called oxygen therapy;Among them, for the victims of serious illness and accident, it is called oxygen rescue;It is used to supplement heavy mental workers, elderly people, pregnant women and patients with chronic disease rehabilitation, and to supplement various environmental hypoxia, as the prevention of hypoxia, called oxygen health care.Compared with other medical methods and methods of health care, oxygen therapy and oxygen care are active, direct, rapid and safe means.Its features are:Oxygen inhalation directly increases arterial oxygen content, rather than acting on some part of the body to improve hypoxia indirectly.It is only to increase the oxygen that the body has been ingesting all the time, and there is no material that is unfamiliar to the body, needs to be adapted to, and needs to be resolved.Therefore, it is only to improve rather than change the natural physiological state and biochemical environment of the organism;Low flow oxygen therapy and oxygen care, without special guidance, is quick and positive, beneficial and harmless.
Oxygen Concentrator Application:

1. Increased consumption of oxygen: mental workers with excessive brain power, including intellectuals, boss managers, and students taking exams;Urbanites with a hectic pace of life;The driver of the long drive.

2, the oxygen utilization incompetent people: including respiratory (nasal allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis), cardiovascular (high blood pressure, coronary heart disease), cerebrovascular (stroke), blood disease patients (anemia, etc.), the elderly (diabetes, etc.).

3. Urban people with insufficient oxygen supply for work and living environment: large airtight Spaces, hotels, hotels, writing rooms.

4. Elderly oxygen care: effectively reduces and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
 Oxygen Concentrator Features:

First, OVN portable oxygen concentrator is small and light.It's a great choice for people who travel and walk.Second, oxygen concentrator function in addition to meet the standards specified in the performance, such as oxygen concentration monitoring, when the alarm (power, high temperature, high pressure, low pressure) of wetting and atomization function will also consider beautiful, practical, scientific, comfortable way of life, to join the timing, headset type oxygen function Finally, mobile oxygen concentrator many factories adopt parts assembly model, the process of gas channel caused a certain amount of resistance to oxygen, increase the weight and volume, it is difficult to ensure the high failure rate of components in the tension between our company produce oxygen generator integrated gas channels, such as circuit board slot design is both beautiful and practical

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