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Introducing the State of the Art Atlas® Ozone Generator

The pride of  Ozone generators, Atlas is a top of the line ozone generator unmatchable by competitors on the market today.


Perfect for all ozone applications where high performace, reliability and ultra pure ozone is required. Ideal for all medium-large sized ozone applications, such as:

- Soil Remediation

- Wastewater Treatment

-Water Purification

- Sanitation of Oak Barrels in Wineries

- Pharmaceutical process

- Labaratory Testing

- Laundromats

- Car/Truck Washes

- Etc.

- Highest performance in the industry for its compact size


- Lowest Oxygen Consumption in the industry - Saving you money on O2


- Lightweight - Ideal for carts and mobile systems - Saving you money on shipping


- No Maintenance & No Serviceable Parts


Backed by Absolute Ozone® 5 year Manufacturers Warranty


Meet the revolutionary Nano®The NANO can dissolve up to 70% of total Ozone produced, while using incredibly low amounts of Oxygen (4slpm)

Thats more then Double the Ozone dissolved, Imagine replacing two expensive inefficient clunky Ozone Generators with one Sleek, Compact NANO Ozone Generator

Revolutionary Performance for it's Industry-Leading Compact Size

Quality, Performance and Reliability backed by a 3 years warranty



Introducing the Titan®Ozone Generator

Titan® is designed to fit standard 19"electronic rack. (4U Height) or rack cabinet.

- Strong lightweight aluminum enclosure with heavy guage brushed stainless steel front panel

- Includes internal cooling fan

- Lowest Oxygen Consumption in it's class

- Most compact in the industry

- Produces highest concentration in its class

- Quality, Performance & Reliabilty backed by a 5 year warranty


Shares specifications and prices with Atlas® ozone generators

No Maintenance

No Servicable Parts


Meet the Remarkable Air-Cooled Magnum®Ozone Generator

Behind its incredibly compact size is hiding one of the most advanced, reliable and powerful ozone generating agents.

Unsurpassed performace in the industry and unmatched warranty, designed to work 15-20 years service and maintenace free.

Most compact in the industry 160-200g/h air cooled ozone generator.

Brushed Elegant Stainless Steel Enclosure.

Wall Mounted or Stacked.

Maintenance and Service Free.

Free Hands-On Technical Support.

Module Construction - advanced systems expandable to 5kg/h and up.

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