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  3. ZEOLIT to Industry and Medical
ZEOLIT for Industial and Medical PSA

 Zeolit for PSA Industial Oxygen generators/ Medical Oxygen generators

This molecural sieve can adsorb all kinds of molecular smaller than this size, it is mainly used in separation of the normal and isomerous alkane; pressure swing adsorption(PSA)for gases; co-adsorption of moisture and carbon dioxide. Based on the industrial application specialties, we have produced out our own PSA molecular sieve products, which have better selective adsorb ability and more rapid adsorption speed, being the elaborated products, it could suitable for gases generation and concentration PSA plants of any sizes and any types in the world.

Recommended Application

·Pressure swing adsorption PSA Industial Oxygen generators and Medical Oxygen generators

·Air purification,Removal of water and carbon dioxide from air.

·Removal of H2S from natural gas and petrol gas


135KG sealed steel drum, inner baking paint, shape: Φ595mm×860mm

   To avoid damp and pre-adsorption of organic before running, or must to be reactivated


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