Oxygen concentrator - RENT

  • high oxygen purity 93% + - 3% at a flow rate of 5l/min
  • includes an overload protection system
  • timer, possibility to set working time: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes
  • automatic alarm function: power failure alarm, low voltage alarm, sound signaling of increased oxygen flow through the safety valve of the humidification container
  • atomizer function available (optional)
  • molecular sieve ZEOLIT import France CECA
  • long service life, more than 18,000 hours
  • very quiet operation less than 45 dB
  • low electricity consumption
  • 2 years warranty and post-warranty service
  • certificates CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 MEDICAL
  • suitable for use at high altitudes
  • on wheels for easy handling
  • moisturizer against drying out mucous membranes

Medical concentrator for all ages to produce oxygen for oxygen therapy for use in homes, medical facilities, veterinary clinics, beauty salons, wellness and fitness centers (oxygen therapy = oxygen treatment against COVID-19).

Dear customers, due to the great interest in renting oxygen concentrators, it is necessary that you check in advance by phone when the concentrator will be available. (tel: 0903 771 150).

PROMOTION: 14 days + 2 days FREE

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt kyslikova maska na dychanie

Do you need oxygen treatment (oxygen therapy) in the comfort of your home?Do you need oxygen treatment (oxygen therapy) in the comfort of your home?

Have you been diagnosed with a cardiovascular or respiratory disease, or have you already overcome it and are you constantly short of breath even with little effort? Your body needs treatment and regeneration without negative side effects.

Rent a reliable, quiet, certified, medical oxygen concentrator OVN OXYBABY 5A from us and improve your health and performance. Oxygen therapy (oxygen treatment) is suitable for children, adults and pregnant women. We recommend that you consult your attending physician about the oxygen dosage before starting oxygen therapy. The oxygen concentrator is reliable, safe, easy to operate and designed so that the client cannot "over-oxygenate", the oxygen flow is max. 5 l/min, you can use it day and night. 93% humidified oxygen is created by filtering the air through a high-quality ZEOLIT molecular sieve French production.


It will help you with:

  • viral (COVID-19) and bacterial diseases of the respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia)
  • regenerates the organism after the disease of COVID-19 and other overcome diseases
  • asthma
  • anemias of various kinds
  • all lung diseases (obstructive lung disease)
  • weakened breathing
  • headaches, migraines, insomnia, weather sensitivity
  • Ischemic heart disease, after heart attacks and strokes
  • immunity support
  • regulates metabolism
  • alleviates the adverse effects of medication use
  • after excessive use of alcohol, addiction to tobacco and other narcotics (detoxification of the body)
  • in case of overweight, obesity, diabetes, adjusts digestion and promotes weight loss
  • against fatigue and to increase performance during high workload
  • increases concentration and attention
  • with excessive mental stress and depression
  • calms the nervous system
  • turns off and brightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles, activates cells, restores elasticity and firmness, supports the removal of pigment spots, reduces and removes cellulite
  • increases physical performance by up to 25% and regenerates the body after heavy physical exertion
  • improves blood circulation of tissues (muscles) and organs
  • slows down aging
  • prevention of cancer
  • increases sexual activity and sexual performance
  • suitable for all age groups and pregnant women
  • Oxygen therapy in the mother improves blood circulation, which also benefits the fetus, its IQ and especially its immune system will increase, anemia in both mother and child is prevented. Talk to your doctor before deciding on oxygen therapy.


Ease of use and maintenance

  • easy filter cleaning
  • digital display for quick control
  • long life
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • Click on the link and watch a short video on easy connection and use:​
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYniqhnuMC0


Product parameters



Oxygen purity at 5l/min

≥ 93% ± 3 (V / V)


AC220V ± 22V, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz / AC110V ± 15V, 60 Hz ± 1 Hz

Outlet pressure

20kPa ~ 60 kPa


1-5 l / min

Sound level

less than 45 dB - very quiet operation


Optional ≥ 0.15 ml / min.

Energy consumption


Net weight





 34.4 x 30.6 x 56.5 (cm)


2 years

Standard accessories

1x power cable
1x spare connecting tube of the moisturizing bottle
1x moisturizing bottle
2x dust filter
2x internal HEPA filter
2x nasal applicator
1x user manual
1x warranty card


The rental includes:

  • medical oxygen concentrator OVN OXYBABY 5A 1pc (including primary and HEPA filter)
  • pulse OXYMETER for measuring blood saturation - blood oxygenation (we recommend measuring 3-5 times a day and writing down the results for your doctor to assess whether your blood is sufficiently oxygenated)
  • ELROMED Pulzný oximeter P-01
  • moisturizing bottle 1 pc
  • connecting tube 1 pc
  • nasal oxygen cannula 1pc (possibility to order more pieces as needed, price €1.25/1pc)
  • oxygen mask 1pc (possibility to order more pieces as needed, price €2.50/1pc)
  • FREE delivery within 100 km from Trenčín within 24 hours.
  • import of concentrator over 100 km from Trenčín €0.60/1 km by OVN s.r.o. vehicle within 24 hours or sending by EXPRESS courier (East Slovakia) for €30.00 within 72 hours.
  • satisfaction guarantee (professional advice, instruction and free service in the event of a malfunction, replacement of the device)
  • possibility of personal collection and return by agreement at our address in Trenčín, MON-FRI from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., address: Zlatovská 2195/36, 91105, Trenčín, yellow-green building next to ČS Benzinol.

Our company is based on directness and seriousness towards customers, you are informed about everything in advance - NO ADDITIONAL HIDDEN FEES :-) €5.00/1 day + €150.00 refundable deposit


Conditions for renting an oxygen concentrator:

  • the minimum rental period is 14 days
    it is necessary to make a reservation through our website by selecting the number of rental days (adding to the basket), where you enter your data (we protect data according to the GDPR law), if necessary, the rental can be extended according to your wish without limitation
    within 24 hours We will confirm the reservation order in writing (we will agree with you on the date and method of delivery of the concentrator) and we will send you by e-mail the Contract on the lease of movable property, which must be signed
  • https://www.ovn.sk/ZMLUVA-O-NAJME-KONCENTRATORA-a18_0.htm 
  • before the delivery of the concentrator, a deposit of €150.00 is paid in addition to the rental amount, which will be returned to your account after the termination of the contractual relationship and the payment of any arrears for additional concentrator rental days. An additional €5.00 is paid for each day.

In case of any question, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you:

INFOLINE - MON-FRI, 8:00-16:30, phone: 0910 160 111 or 0903 771 150 Jana Ševčíková

E-mail : sales@ovn.sk, ovn@ovn.sk  


Application of oxygen is possible through:

  • oxygen nasal cannula (oxygen goggles)
  • oxygen mask
  • full face mask
  • oxygen mask with nebulizer (for application and inhalation of drugs)
  • oxygen cosmetic gun for skin treatment

Are you still hesitating whether to invest in your health by buying a concentrator?

Come and try its beneficial effects and order with us by phone (0910 160 111 / 0903 771 150) or by e-mail (ovn@ovn.sk) for 30 min. oxygen therapy for FREE. (currently subject to compliance with very strict hygiene measures against COVID-19 - BASIC regime).


Oxygen therapy in numbers:

  • Within 20 minutes (from the beginning of the therapy), the concentration of brain activity will increase.
  • Within 30 minutes, the joints will begin to be oxygenated.
  • Within 60 minutes, toxins are removed from the body and the body regenerates.
  • Please always consult your attending physician about the length of oxygen inhalation.​

The therapy usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes, and during this time the person inhales the same number of liters of pure oxygen. An hour of such breathing is equivalent to a 2-week stay in the mountains.

Oxygen therapy is a painless and clean method with proven therapeutic effects, without side effects. The organism cannot be overoxygenated with oxygen!


Contraindications - when oxygen therapy is not recommended:

  • in epilepsy,
  • after immediate organ transplantation,
  • in advanced atherosclerosis,
  • with glaucoma and retinal detachment,
  • in stomach ulcer disease,
  • in acute inflammation of the sinuses.


The most frequent questions of our customers:

How does an oxygen concentrator work and what is the difference between, we quote: "cheaper, wooden" and your concentrator?

The answer:

The difference between our OVN OXYBABY 5A medical concentrator and the "cheaper, wooden concentrator" is mainly in the weight, that is, in the amount of ZEOLITH molecular sieve used, which filters the air. Our concentrator has a weight of 15 kg and another concentrator has 8 kg. When purchasing our concentrator you have a verified and, above all, certified purity of the inhaled oxygen concentration of 93%-95% at a flow rate of 5l/1min and a guarantee that you are inhaling real oxygen and not just clean air.

We always verify the devices before shipping, you will also receive a confirmed exit inspection and certificate with the documents. We provide warranty and post-warranty service with the sale of spare parts.

The composition of the air we normally breathe:

  • 8.084% nitrogen, 20.947% oxygen, 0.934% argon, 0.033% carbon dioxide, 0.002% other gases
  • An oxygen concentrator is a type of device that produces oxygen based on the principle of air separation (filtration).
  • The air is filtered through a molecular sieve (ZEOLIT), where nitrogen, argon and oxide molecules are bound
  • of carbon dioxide and through the regulation valve, after subsequent humidification, 93% oxygen is inhaled through the nasal cannula
  • to subsequent oxygen therapy (oxygen treatment).